A New Heart

  "Jesus calls us; o'er the tumult Of our life's wild, restless sea, Day by day His sweet voice soundeth, Saying, 'Christian, follow Me.'"  --from the hymn by Cecil Alexander, 1852 When you find yourself in an unexpected season, how do you react? I have found myself taking up both hardness and surrender, with a … Continue reading A New Heart

Where is Hope?

When you take a break from something, do you ever have a hard time rejoining that activity? I have so missed being able to join in with the Haiku Poetry Challenge offered by Ronovan Hester over at his site, Ronovan Writes. So when his words for this week's prompt showed up in my inbox yesterday, "Hope&Stay," … Continue reading Where is Hope?

Deep Unto Deep

We were drenched with rain this weekend, after a long dry spell. And my heart answered the call of those raindrops when a writing prompt was given by Jamie Wright Bagley over at her blog last week.   Click here,to find her own words and the question, "What do you do when the rain calls you?" Splashing, sputtering, … Continue reading Deep Unto Deep

Life Interrupted

THE ARROW AND THE SONG"I shot an arrow into the air,It fell to earth, I knew not where;For, so swiftly it flew, the sightCould not follow it in its flight.I breathed a song into the air,It fell to earth, I knew not where;For who has sight so keen and strong,That it can follow the flight … Continue reading Life Interrupted

Winter Wheat: Part 2

While I was immersed in last month's #31Days of Listeningwith Chronic Illness,you may remember the two words that my friendshared with me:Winter Wheat,and the post I wrote about it here. There were notes I had taken then,while I researched,that my heart tucked awayto be held in a silent hugbecause they felt too personal. But then that same friend … Continue reading Winter Wheat: Part 2

Day 28: Who is Listening?

"Hello-o-o-o,Is anyone listening to me?Did you hear a word that I said?!"Wow.I think I may have said that a timeor two(or many more)when my children were young.There were days when I felt like I was talking to a wallfor all the good it did me.And then there were the days when little lips repeated whatI knew … Continue reading Day 28: Who is Listening?

Day 25: Listen through the Slow and Cold

I love spring flowers.So, when I had a sudden burst of energy this morning,I used up all my allotment of said energyto plant some spring bulbs. And as I strained and struggled with the task that would have been but a minor choreonly a few years ago,I remembered the words that a good friendhad shared with me … Continue reading Day 25: Listen through the Slow and Cold

Day 18: He confides in us as we Listen

The blankets were warm, and the voices of the nurses chatting in the background were setting me to a place of sleepiness that I had not expected, there in the room of prepping for the biopsy.And then as the Doctor began the procedure, and I felt the needle pricks, my mind was suddenly aware of … Continue reading Day 18: He confides in us as we Listen

Day 11: Listen for Encouragement

When I first began this blog,I wrote from a place of obedience.I knew that God was asking me tobe transparent and write the story of my days. I could not have known how the course of my days would beShifting so soon.The Fibromyalgia diagnosis, less than a month later,was the catalyst that drew outthe sense … Continue reading Day 11: Listen for Encouragement


"Invisible Illness Awareness Week" this year is September 26 - October 2, 2016Invisible Illness Awareness is a movement that was started over 10 years ago to encourage us to look around and see with new eyes the way that chronic illness is affecting so many people now-a-days. According to the US Centers for Disease Control … Continue reading #ThisIsChronicIllness