"Invisible Illness Awareness Week" this year is September 26 - October 2, 2016Invisible Illness Awareness is a movement that was started over 10 years ago to encourage us to look around and see with new eyes the way that chronic illness is affecting so many people now-a-days. According to the US Centers for Disease Control … Continue reading #ThisIsChronicIllness

The Butterflies

The season of Butterflies . . . I get so excited when the summer heat brings in these fluttering beauties.  And usually, my heart starts to remembering ---It was the fall of 1986, and my husband and I were preparing to move our family, (the 2 of us and our 6 year old and 1 … Continue reading The Butterflies

Except Ye Become Like Little Children

She walked in the door and ran over to me, her blond curls dancing along the way.  Before her parents had barely said their "Hello, We made it!" she was on a mission to place an envelope in my hand.  "Grandma, I made this for you! Open it, open it!"  Her younger sister echoed the … Continue reading Except Ye Become Like Little Children

Hind’s Feet on High Places

 "He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights." --Psalm 18:33I love these rock formations in central Wisconsin.  They seem to rise up out of nowhere, oddly placed amidst the rolling farmland that surrounds the main highway through Wisconsin.  They've become a sort of landmark for me, … Continue reading Hind’s Feet on High Places

We Are God’s Garden

 Another corner of my garden--God's Garden--where He asks me to sit awhileAnd listen I've been pondering the pictures that my Counselor painted for me last week.  It was a word picture to help explain why my stamina has gone into hiding: What if I could picture my energy and stamina as being contained in one … Continue reading We Are God’s Garden


RelocatingChanging PositionThat's what's been happening at my daughter and son-in-law's this week.  They are selling their first home, the one they moved into as newlyweds, the only home their little toddler has ever known, to move into a newer home that they've been blessed to purchase.   So of course my mind has set to reminiscing … Continue reading HOME

At His Feet

She wasted it allThis woman who sat at the feet of JesusWho suffered the rebuke of her sister for leaving duties undoneThis same one would be called Beautifulbecause of what Jesus saw in her Act of WorshipPouring our her costly perfumeJust for HimLast week, as I read a beautiful post, "God's Treasures in Clay Vessels" from … Continue reading At His Feet


Awakening   --by Joy Lenton,  from her book,  Seeking Solace   In the quiet morning hour I press my ear to earth And listen with intent,   Because in the stillness I can hear soft breath Of Holy Spirit sighs   Awakening all around And as the world stirs It heeds the call to arise, … Continue reading Remnants

Sunrise in Vietnam

  Sunrise over a small village in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.   How did I get to be in that incredible place?  And why am I telling this story now, in the middle of this RA/Fibromyalgia Season of re-learning my place?   Another word-sharing-session with my counselor brought me to the place of remembering.  … Continue reading Sunrise in Vietnam